Picture Perfect: Resume Photo Do’s & Don’ts

While it’s not required, many job seekers in Malaysia choose to include a photo on their resume to make their application stand out.

If you’re thinking about adding a photo to your resume, it’s a good idea to know the dos and don’ts to ensure it helps your job search rather than hindering it.

Resume Picture Do’s:

  • Face the camera
  • Have good lighting (Tip: Daylighting works great!)
  • Take your photo against a plain or non-distracting background
  • Show an approachable and friendly smile
  • Wear a professional/appropriate outfit 
  • Crop photo to show your head and shoulders only
  • Make sure the photo is high-quality

Resume Picture Don’ts

  • Take your photo against distracting or busy background
  • Wear inappropriate outfits or styles (if you wouldn’t wear them to work, you shouldn’t wear them for your resume picture)
  • Crop the photo too close or too far from your face
  • Take your photo in poor lighting
  • Use a selfie

It’s worth noting that in countries like the US, Canada, and New Zealand, it’s actually not allowed to include photos of yourself on your resume due to strict anti-discrimination laws.

If you’re still unsure whether you should include your picture on your resume, we weigh the pros and cons for you in this article.

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