Standing Out at the Career Fair: Ideas for Employers

If you’re looking for candidates with high interest and big potential, there’s no better place to recruit than career fairs! Where else can you meet a vast pool of talent in one convenient location and have quality face-to-face interaction with them?

But with so many other companies vying for the same top talent you seek, your company needs to stand out to stay at the forefront of the candidates’ minds!

Here are five ways to ensure your company attracts the right talent and make your company their top employer of choice!

1. Align Your Company’s Messaging

Start strong by aligning your messaging for the career fair with your team. The point is to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to what you want to say to candidates.

For starters, prepare a list of talking points to distribute to your team members. These talking points should cover your company background, mission, opportunities, benefits and more.

This way, candidates will receive accurate answers and avoid misunderstandings that can cause you to lose out on great candidates.

Besides talking points, you can also prepare a list of questions your team should ask candidates. This list will assist your team of recruiters with narrowing down their search so they can pinpoint the perfect fit more effectively. If you need ideas on what questions to ask candidates, check out our suggestions here!

Keeping your messaging consistent makes your company appear polished and professional. It will do wonders in instilling confidence in you as an employer with interested job seekers. 

2. Prepare Memorable Marketing Materials

Now it’s time to capture the attention of eager job seekers with engaging visuals! It’s proven through numerous studies that people process and retain information easier through visual elements. So it’s worth putting effort into designing marketing materials such as flyers and brochures that talk about what makes working at your company great.

But before you unleash the creative forces, Canva suggests sticking to these important elements:

  • Focus on one message. It’s easier to put the weight in one call to action (in this case, applying for your jobs!). You will also avoid confusing the reader this way.
  • Stay consistent with the company’s brand identity. This means keeping to your company’s usual branding elements such as logo, colour palette, fonts, etc. This is crucial for building brand recognition for your company.
  • Include your contact information. Your effort will go to waste if your readers don’t know where to reach you! Feel free to feature your email address, company career site and social media channels so candidates know how to keep in touch.

3. Get the Word Out on Social Media

Photo by Adem AY on Unsplash

You don’t have to depend on attracting candidates on the day of the career fair alone. Set your team up for success by inviting potential candidates to see you at the career fair on social media before the event even begins!

Get the conversation started by posting fun behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your career fair preparation. Get potential candidates excited about joining your company by boasting perks and benefits your employees enjoy. You can even post a virtual tour of the office and give eager job seekers glimpses into your team’s day-to-day. For more social media-friendly employer branding ideas even marketers love, check out this article.

4. Set Up an Interactive Booth

It’s safe to assume the candidates have attended numerous career fairs and visited even more employer booths before yours. So how do you set your booth apart from the rest? 

Implementing interactivity to your booth that encourages candidate participation is sure to get people talking! Sure, it will take preparation time and creativity, but the results are usually worth the extra effort.

Interactive booths aren’t just fun – it helps candidates warm up to your team quicker, giving way to quality conversations – the face-to-face connection you just can’t get when interacting online.

Fun activities can make the experience enjoyable for everyone and help drive the message your want to share about your company. 

Take cues from ProExhibits with fun interactive ideas for trade show events you can implement for your employer booth here.

5. Follow Up Fast and Personalise It

Strike while the iron is hot and follow up with shortlisted candidates while you are still fresh on their minds. It’s the best way to get on top candidates’ good side and make your company their top choice.

To do so, it helps to streamline your prescreening process. After the career fair, separate the candidates you have eyes on into three categories:

  • The candidates who impressed you
  • The candidates you’d like to learn more about
  • Students who will be graduating soon

These three basic categories of candidates will help you prioritise your follow-up so you can reach your star candidates before others can snatch them up!

And if you really want to stand out – personalise your messages to your top-choice candidates. Things as simple as bringing up the conversation you both had at the career fair can go a long way in making the candidates feel appreciated and seen. 

A pleasant experience with your recruiters will do wonders for the candidates’ impression of your brand even if they don’t end up being the right fit for your team. 

The wrap-up

All in all, career fairs can give you amazing opportunities to discover candidates with the talent and potential you need to bring your company further. It’s no wonder many employers make it a priority to participate in them when they can – and that can make it tough to stand out – but not impossible.

Thorough preparation will give you an edge and with the right messaging and unique employer branding strategies, you can make the most out of your career fair experience and build your dream team.

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