16 Employer Branding Content Ideas for Social Media

The race to recruit quality talent is a fierce one, even amongst top companies. More and more employers are embracing employer branding as a means to attract and retain candidates – and social media looks to be the most promising space for it. 

It checks out – according to Hiredly’s 2022 Work Culture Report, 71% of job seekers in Malaysia say they get their information from 3rd party websites like job portals and social media. 

Having a strong presence on social media as a brand doesn’t just help increase brand awareness. Research shows that it also plays a role in retaining your current team.

So if you’ve been thinking of building a presence online but aren’t sure how to get started, here’s a list of content ideas you can use on any social media platform of your choice.

1. Introduce the company 

Create a post that tells your audience how the company made its start. Talk about the values the organisation was founded on and even share photos of the company and team in the early days.

This post type is the perfect way to cement your brand story, whether the company is new to social media or not. There are always new people perusing your social media account, so it’s never too late for a friendly introduction.

2. Feature employees and tell their stories

Show the company appreciates its people while giving employees the platform to share their stories and create a connection with your audience.

The best part is you can use this content idea as many times as you have employees. Everyone has a unique story to tell, after all!

View the full Linkedin post here.

3. A sneak peek behind the scenes

A smart way to create easy content is to document your team’s work. Whether it’s the launch of a new product or an upcoming event, give your audience a candid look into the love that goes into your team’s projects.

And if you’re looking to create buzz, these posts help too! 

Image by Streamline Studios on Hiredly

4. Recap employee engagement activities

Show off every event or engagement your company is involved in and share it on your social media. Even better, pair fun photos of activities with key reflections for a post that’s sure to get attention!

At Hiredly, we find that employee engagement activity posts get up to 50% more engagement compared to other types of content we post on Linkedin.

5. Share employee posts

If your employees share their work experiences on social media, encourage them to tag your company and share the posts on the company account. Most employees will appreciate the boost in visibility. It also saves you time and adds variety to your postings.

Besides, seeing a post from a real employee can help humanise your brand in the eyes of your audience. There’s nothing like an authentic testimonial to lend your brand credibility!

6. A Day in the Life at Your Office

The best way to put potential candidates in your employees’ shoes is to show them what it looks like to work at your company in a day.

Check out Tapestry’s 30-second video produced by the Hiredly Studios team for inspiration!

Video: “What’s it like to work at Kate Spade?” with Tapestry by Hiredly Studios.

If you’re looking for a method that takes less effort but is high on authenticity, consider having an employee “takeover” the platform for the day. Let them share clips and pictures of their work day. This type of content works great in more casual social media formats like Instagram Stories.

7. Stand up for issues that matter 

Show candidates where you stand on issues that matter to your organisation. It’s an excellent way to attract future employees that share your values and encourage a positive association with your brand. 

If you’re eyeing Gen Z candidates, standing for a cause could be just the thing to get their attention. A study shows that 65% of Malaysian Gen Z youths want to make a difference in the world

However, be conscientious when putting out a statement as certain issues can be rather sensitive. Ensure that it is accurate and true to your brand identity and ethics. If done haphazardly, it could land your organisation in serious hot water.

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8. Share what you learned as a company

Ask any marketer and they’ll tell you that evergreen educational content is gold. One of the best ways to do this is to share your learnings with your audience. Like behind-the-scenes posts, it gives people a look into how your team works while giving readers valuable content to learn from.

For topic inspiration, check out Buffer’s Open Blog, where they share what they learn as they build a social media company. They write candidly about workplace culture, finances and even thoughts behind their business decisions.

9. Celebrate your team’s wins – big or small 

If there is one place to toot your own horn, it’s social media – especially Linkedin! Celebrate company wins and show off the hard work your team has put in, big or small. Not only does it make great optics for your business, but your employees will feel valued and seen.

10. Spark thoughtful conversations

Consider using polls or asking open-ended questions to trigger discussions on issues related to your business. It lets you get a feel of your audience’s interests and values so you can understand them better. 

A healthy debate in your posts’ comment section can even help with engagement and in turn, improve your profile’s visibility. Higher visibility means more eyes on your company and jobs!

11. Encourage new joiners to share their onboarding experience

Make it a part of your onboarding process to encourage new joiners to post on LinkedIn. What helps us at Hiredly, is gifting new employees picture-worthy welcome kits and taking their profile photos for them on their first day.

Our Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Manager, Joselyn Lau says that upon implementing this initiative, we received many quality recruits that apply because they saw these posts on Linkedin. This group of candidates are usually the ones that are the most enthusiastic and informed about our brand!

Besides creating a sense of belonging, Joselyn also states that it trains employees (many of who are still in the early stages of their careers) to start establishing their personal branding on LinkedIn.

12. Boast about your perks and benefits 

It’s a no-brainer that company benefits and perks are some of the easiest ways to attract potential employees. Hiredly’s in-app push notifications tend to get a 38% higher click rate when benefits are mentioned

For an engaging post that also feels relatable, match the company benefit of your choice to an employee that has utilised the perk. In your social media post, get them to share how the benefits they enjoyed have enriched their work and personal lives.

13. Livestream Q&A sessions

If you have the time, Q&A live streams give you the fantastic opportunity to interact with potential applicants, answer their questions and share employee stories. Just remember to verbally direct your viewers to your career page to encourage applications!

14. Virtual office tours

Image by Schindler Malaysia on Hiredly

For this social media post idea, you can go as budget-friendly or as lavish and elaborate as you want. The idea is to bring potential candidates into your office and let them visualise themselves working in your office space. Feature your favourite spaces to work and even popular employee hangouts.

15. Post open job positions

It’s straightforward, but it gets the job done! But instead of settling for a simple text post featuring roles you want to fill, put some effort into pairing a visual with the post.

After all, 80% of users are more likely to read written content if it comes with an image.

16. Jump on trends

The key here is to tackle it – fast. Trends go as quickly as they come so get on board as soon as you can. For this, it pays to keep your eyes on what’s trending on Instagram Reels and TikTok, especially if you are employing the younger generation. 

Hiredly’s TikTok videos have racked up tens of thousands of views from participating in trending online challenges. It’s done a great job of helping us reach our target demographic of young Malaysians!

Unsure what your Employer Brand is? Find which pillar your company falls under here. If you’re keen to explore effective and exciting Employer Branding solutions with Hiredly Studios, contact us at [email protected].