Worried about COVID-19’s impact on your job? Here are 9 industries that are still hiring

It is clear that the current COVID-19 situation has affected us as a nation – some are physically affected by the virus, and most of us are also mentally affected by worries of the virus spreading and its impact on our loved ones’ lives. This pandemic is also impacting the operations of businesses all around the world, naturally creating many concerns about job security and stability.

While it is impossible to be sure that any industry will be spared from struggling in the current situation, there are some that may be able to push through these tough times and come out of it a survivor. 

1. E-Commerce

With the Movement Control Order (MCO) in place, businesses that are deemed non-essential in retail are unable to carry out their business-as-usual physically and are now turning to selling online. 

On top of being more price conscious by deciding where best to put each ringgit saved, many might still be hesitant in going out to shop in public even after the MCO ends. Because of this, many will go on e-commerce platforms to get the best deals, all in the comfort of their own home.

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2. Logistics

You’ve ordered online, they deliver it to you offline! With more people utilizing the wonders of online shopping, consignment businesses are likely to be up-to-the-neck loaded with the number of shipping orders piling up.

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3. Delivery Services and F&B


Regardless of the state of the world, people still need to eat. Sometimes, you just want to have your food prepared for you, whether from the mamak around the corner or your favourite weekend brunch spot.

With many staying indoors, food delivery services will continue to popular, along with F&B businesses who cooks the food. Even those who prefer to do their own cooking will find grocery delivery services useful.

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Fresh groceries, packaged foods, toiletries and any other daily essential goods are unavoidable for the modern day person.

In fact, FMCG businesses might be doing better than usual as people stock up on products that they consider essential. Their real challenge right now would be ensuring that they can keep up with the current demand.

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5. Education and Online Learning

Investing in the future is always important as parents will continue to send their children to receive education regardless of the state of the world. Unfortunately, some people are now out of job due to the current situation, and as such, many are considering furthering their studies.

With modern technology, many educational institutions have continued to provide learning online during the MCO and e-learning platform that already existed may also see a rise in their course subscriptions.

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6. Recruitment

As previously mentioned, some people may lose their job if their industry does not manage to perform amidst the COVID-19 crisis. For recruitment firms, this means that the number of people looking for a job grows in size as less affected companies might still be hiring.

With this surge of talent looking for a new job, recruitment firms may be busy placing these candidates where their skills can best be transferred into new positions or better performing industries.

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7. Digital, Telecommunication and Internet Service Providers

Now more than ever, everyone is basically living on the Internet. Content consumption on social media is going to skyrocket while the world practices social distancing.

With the uncertainty of going back out in public even post-MCO, many will require connectivity to the Internet to keep themselves occupied and their spirits lifted through digital in-home entertainment platforms and virtual hangout options like video calling.

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8. Media and Marketing

In the past, economic uncertainty impacted marketing and media businesses greatly. Today, it might be different.

Online marketing today is way cheaper than physical alternatives and widely used by both budget-conscious and big-spending companies alike. Media companies have also moved towards producing online content which works greatly with all the attention being on the digital space now.

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9. Healthcare

People will still continue to get sick with more common and treatable illnesses like the common cold or a viral fever, and when they do, they will seek for medical attention.

The healthcare industry will survive as medicines and medical services are necessary products and services, the demand for which will see very little impact even during bad times.

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10. Generally, digitally equipped startups and alternative providers

Some startups or substitute businesses might come out alright after a crisis like this. People and businesses alike will be focused on cutting cost, by which they will look for cheaper alternatives as a replacement for what they usually buy.

Understandably, people might refrain from buying a new car to avoid the massive total cost of owning one but instead will look for alternatives in the pre-owned markets, public transport, e-hailing, and car sharing services.

Also, many companies like these already have the infrastructure in place to work out of office, thus managed to quickly adapt to the sudden need to work from home.

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