How Can Recruiters Review CVs Fast And Efficiently?

Being a recruiter you’ll have to go through a pile of CVs day in day out. THAT pile would probably be close to a 100 CVs and that number is a modest one. Some high profile job positions will receive close to a thousand applicants sometimes. In order for you to get good candidates, you’d need to have a good eye.

Recruiters take about 6 seconds to review a CV, and this speedy process of reviewing lets them pinpoint their desired candidates. Unfortunately, recruiters aren’t the only ones looking for talent and reviewing a pile of CVs day in day out. With that being said:

What is it exactly that you should be looking for if you want to speed up your reviewing process?

Let’s have a look.

Review Resumes Fast Jobs Malaysia


The Plan

Plan Jobs Malaysia

Really know what you want from a candidate. This includes knowing the job scope you need to fill thoroughly. It’s important that you know exactly what you want before you even think of going through that pile. You see an experience that is relevant, put it in a pile and read it later.

A good tip when you go through a pile of CVs is to always remember that you’re only reviewing the CV. Once you’re done reviewing them, only then you’ll go ahead and read them in detail.


Knowing What To Exclude

Choose Jobs Malaysia

You may be looking for employees which are nearer, or you may be looking for ones with a particular skill set. Whatever it is, there are certain candidates you’ll want to exclude for a certain job position. For example, if your talent pool around the area would suffice there isn’t much of a reason for you to look further.


Reading In The Right Order

Reverse chronological order Jobs Malaysia

Depending on your agenda, you may want to look deeper into a candidate’s employment history and seeing as how most candidates arrange their CV reverse chronologically. You’ll want to change your way the order of reading the CV.


The Level Of Your Candidate

You don’t have the time to consider if someone who came from a manufacturing background can work well in the finance department. So why bother considering? This applies when you’re looking to fill up a managerial position as well. You don’t have the time to look at entry level CVs, so just dismiss them.


Why Be Hasty?

Hasty Jobs Malaysia

There is a lot to consider when you’re looking to hire a new employee. More than just their CV, and in order to know more about the candidate you’ll have to set up an interview with them. Certain positions may take more than one interview, and the department is looking to fill in that position as soon as possible. You’re chasing time and so is your candidate.


There you go, all done reviewing that pile of CVs. Pretty sure you already have a particular candidate to hire off the top of your head.

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