Resume Writing Tip: How to Write About Your Projects

It can be easy to focus on your past working experiences and educational background alone.

However, listing projects you’ve done that you’re proud of can do just as well in making you an incredibly valuable candidate to recruiters.

You should always add enough details about each project in a way that can be easily understood at first glance. Depending on the job description for the role you’re interested in, write a list of all the projects you’ve completed and narrow it down to the most important ones. 

Don’t just dump everything you’ve been part of. Instead, select only the projects that will show hiring managers you have the skills and experience it takes for the job you are vying for.

Take the time to note any measurable results or impact the project had, like an increase in engagement rate or revenue. This helps to emphasize your accomplishments in a way that general experiences can’t.

Depending on the context, consider listing:

  • The project title and description
  • The project dates or duration
  • Your role in the project
  • The project results

For example:

  • Flicks Fiesta Short Film Festival 2021 – Wrote a 20-page screenplay titled ‘Friend In Me’, exploring literacy devices and techniques between mainstream writers and their contemporaries.
  • Final Year Entrepreneurship Project 2020 – Created a localized mobile app ‘Travelago’ where users could arrange a meetup with other solo travellers, receiving an average of 1000 downloads monthly.
  • VirtualThings Website 2018 – Designed and coded a virtual trading site using Python, HTML & CSS

Check out the articles below to see examples of other experiences you can include in your resume:

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