Rozella Marie by Waqqas Abdul Hadi

Hello Mentor EP9 | Rozella Marie on Building a Positive Body Image and The Malaysian Music Scene

“People used to call me names because I was born with a birthmark on my face and it really affected my confidence. I shied away from people and a lot of things – that’s how my love for music developed.”

About the episode

In this episode of Hello Mentor, Rozella Marie opens up about body image, having grown up with a birthmark on her face and experiencing discrimination as a result. She talks about how she overcame low self-esteem and what she did to build back her confidence.

As fate would have it, her experience led to the discovery of her love for music. As a local musician, Rozella sheds light on the Malaysian music scene and the social awareness platform she founded called True Complexion.

Check out Rozella Marie’s single “Body Talk” on Spotify.

Getting to know Rozella Marie

Rozella Marie (@rozellamarie on Instagram) is a singer, songwriter and voiceover artist reigning from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

After winning Tiger Jams, her winning single ‘Home To You’ was remixed by popular Scottish synthpop band CHVRCHES in 2016 (give it a listen on Soundcloud). What followed was another hit single – this time ‘XOXO’, garnering 14 New Music Friday playlists on Spotify. She is one of the very few Malaysians who have been featured on the New Music Friday playlist in the US.

Besides making music, she is the founder of True Complexion, a social awareness platform that celebrates inclusion and diversity. Rozella is also an Obama Foundation Asia-Pacific Leader, an Eisenhower Global Fellow and a TEDx speaker.

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