Hello Mentor EP8 | Bella Kuan on the Misconception of Influencer Marketing and Starting Handmade Heroes

“I work as a digital content creator and many people might think it’s not a real job or a profession.”

About the episode

As a digital content creator, Bella Kuan challenges misconceptions about influencer marketing and content creation, hoping to enlighten young people who want to give this line of career a go. She also looks back on how content creation has evolved from blog posts to Instagram.

Far from a one-trick pony, Bella also co-founded a proudly Malaysian organic skincare brand, Handmade Heroes. Entrepreneur to entrepreneur, Bella and Derek discuss the role of luck and timing in achieving success.

Getting to know Bella Kuan

Source: @bellakuan on Instagram

Isabella Wong, better known as Malaysian influencer Bella Kuan (@bellakuan), is a digital content creator. She creates content for all things lifestyle from travel, fitness, food and fashion. She also co-founded a local all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare line called Handmade Heroes.

Bella carves out time from content creation and business to pursue martial arts, snowboarding, surfing and diving!

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