Hello Mentor EP14 | Ta Wan Qian – On Being The Founder of Tata Studios and a Content Creator

“I’ve always had a thing for video production. When I was in primary school, I used to carry a video camera around and that’s when I developed my interest for video-making and video production.” – Ta Wan Qian

About the Episode

Everyone dreams of being able to do something they love as their job but Tata was able to turn this dream into a reality. 

In this podcast episode, Tata shares how she turned her video-making hobby into a career. She shares behind the scenes of being a content creator as well as the ups and downs of her profession. She gives advice on how to pursue your passion if you feel lost. She talks about Tata Studios and interesting collaborations throughout her career.  

Getting to Know Ta Wan Qian

Ta Wan Qian AKA Tata (@tatatawanqian) is the founder of Tata Studios and an online content creator. She was previously a content strategist in MGAG.

To check out Tata Studios as mentioned in the podcast, here is the link: 


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