Hello Mentor EP13 | Andrea Ross – What Is It Really Like Being a Recruiter?

“It’s a great career, it pays really well, you get paid to talk to people everyday, you meet fascinating people, why would you not work to have that? “ – Andrea Ross

About the episode

If you’ve ever thought about or are unsure of whether or not to be a part of the recruitment industry, let Andrea convince you why you should.

In this podcast episode, Andrea shares her journey in recruitment and what it really means to be a recruiter. With her valuable knowledge and experience in the industry, she also shares advice for fresh graduates that are currently deciding on a career to pursue as well as tips on how job seekers should stay competitive when looking for a job in the new normal and more. Then towards the end, she talks about The Career Establishment and the solutions that they offer. 

Getting to know Andrea Ross

Andrea Ross (https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrearossrecruitmenttrainer/) is the founder of “The Career Establishment”, a Leadership and Team development company based in Singapore. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology from Huddersfield University in the UK and is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Behavioural DISC consultant and a qualified facilitator (ACTA V5).

Before embarking on a career as a certified trainer & executive coach, online program curator,  Andrea spent 13 years in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam leading a multi-million dollar global search firm Robert Walters.

Andrea is also a podcast host for Talent Talk Asia which features interviews with some of the most successful talents across Asia to discuss the forces, opportunities &  challenges that are shaping the corporate landscape airing on spotify, stitcher and i-tunes.

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