Is A Photo On Your Resume Necessary?

It is totally up to you whether you want to include your picture since it is not a mandatory requirement.

However, there are two “schools of thinking” about this. Consider these and make your call:

1. No Photo

Some people are of the opinion that they’d rather not have employers base their hiring decisions on their appearance. Excluding your photo lets recruiters and potential employers focus solely on your skills and abilities as opposed to being influenced by how you look. 

If your resume manages to impress them enough, they’ll be able to see you when they call you in for a job interview.

2. Include photo

If you believe that including a photo can add an individual touch to an otherwise impersonal resume, you can do that just fine. However, if you do plan on including a picture, ensure that the photo you choose looks professional. 

We recommend attaching a photo of yourself that is well-lit, in professional attire (something you would wear to a job interview) against a plain background. Don’t worry about getting professional lighting, soft natural sunlight will do just the trick. 

If you have an existing photo you like but need a less distracting background, remove it by using Choose a plain background and avoid landscape backgrounds that tend to look fake.

So do you prefer including your photo or leaving it out of your resume?

If you decide not to attach your photo to your resume, a profile picture still has an important place on your LinkedIn profile page. Read here to see how you can use your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters and get job opportunities offered to you.