4 Simple Ways We Keep Employees Engaged at Hiredly

At Hiredly, we love encouraging companies to adopt a positive work culture that prioritises genuine connection. But it’s time to prove we walk the talk.

Here’s what we’re currently doing to keep our employees engaged and at their best.

We’re frank about how much is in the bank

As a startup, there are risks in every decision we make. So we make it a point to share our organisation’s key issues, metrics and progress as openly as possible – and that includes our finances.

We have town halls regularly to keep everyone up to speed on the decisions we make and what’s at stake for all of us.

How does it keep employees engaged? We love that it keeps everyone’s goals aligned and makes sure everyone has a say in where the company is headed.

Personalised attention from our CEO

Derek, our “benevolent dictator”, makes an effort to have 1-on-1 lunches with each one of his full-time employees.

These lunches often lead to amusing conversations from how everyone is doing down to our favourite animes! Even Interns have a dedicated time to spend time with our CEO.

It’s an excellent opportunity for the team to pick Derek’s brain (as he does with ours!) and discuss our goals, ideas and even life outside of work.

This employee engagement effort is largely possible due to the current size of the company but it is an effort we intend to keep even as we grow!

The Praise Wall of Fame

One of our core values at Hiredly is supporting and thanking each other. For the best employee engagement, we like to make sure our team knows they’re doing a great job (and love when we get praised too!)

For this, we created a “Praise Wall”, a page on Workplace where anyone can celebrate a team member on a job well done.

It not only lets people know they’re moving in the right direction, but the boost in morale shows a ripple effect on the rest of the team.

Sneak peek into what we post on our Praise Wall!

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to do but the effect it has on our team is priceless. For many of us, it’s important to know that we’re making a difference in the company!

Get creative and create your company’s version of the Praise Wall on whatever platform you use for communication.

But why stop online? A physical Praise Wall or Staff Shout Out Board can be the perfect morale-boosting addition to your office space.

Mental health matters

Our recent post-work netball sesh.

We’re proud to say that we’ve cultivated a culture where everyone cares deeply for each other.

While company-wide activities are regularly organised, the team takes initiative in planning group dinners and games themselves!

Though social interaction does wonders for mental health, sometimes we need help from professionals too. At Hiredly, full-timers have access to counselling sessions.

If you’d like to introduce mental health assistance in your benefits package, consider reaching out to local mental health services and negotiate a plan that works for your team and budget. We use Aloe Mind for regular mental health check-ins!

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