Hello Mentor EP4 | Hugh Koh On Building a Malaysian Streetwear Brand, Pestle & Mortar From Scratch

“We wanted to start a clothing line when we were 16. We had no money and knew nothing about business. We tried it but nothing quite materialised from it.”

In this episode of Hello Mentor, Hugh Koh, CEO of Pencil Produce shares his experience building one of the hottest Malaysian streetwear brand, Pestle & Mortar. Hugh talks about the lessons he learned while building the brand with his best friends and common misconceptions about the fashion retail business.

Get candid views on e-commerce from Hugh himself as Pestle & Mortar sells both online and offline.

About Hugh Koh

Hugh Koh is the CEO of Pencil Produce, the operating company for Pestle & Mortar Clothing.

Hugh graduated with a degree in architecture and has practised in Malaysia and Australia. From this, he was able to cultivate a passion for everything design, business and people.

When he’s not pushing boundaries at work, you’ll find him cycling, travelling the globe and exploring cultures.

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