Hello Mentor EP24 | Sharina Shahrin – What Is It Really Like Being a Full-time Visual Artist

“I’ve always loved expressing myself. I’ve always loved communicating my emotions through art and performing. By the time I had to decide for University, I knew I wanted to do something creative because this is what I love.” – Sharina Shahrin

About the episode

In this podcast episode, Sharina shares personal experiences living abroad and how this has shaped her perspective in life. She talks about her career being a visual artist in Malaysia and some of the challenges behind the scenes.

Sharina also shares her creative process when it comes to creating art and how she finds inspiration daily. Lastly, she talks about the stories behind her creative studio, Everyday Studios.

Listen to the podcast episode here

Getting to know Sharina Shahrin

Sharina Shahrin (@sharinashahrin_) is a mixed-media visual artist currently based in Malaysia. With a background in both creative direction and fine art, her work explores themes of femininity and identity through her expressive paintings, portraits and digital work.

Sharina has exhibited in the UK, Czech Republic, Turkey and Malaysia. Passionate about self-expression and creative engagement, in recent years she has been focusing on the power and importance of art education within her local community through art workshops and talks.

Sharina has collaborated with local and international companies such as Nelissa Hilman, Huawei, Lenovo, Disney, Red Bull Studios, and VANS.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

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