Maggy Wang, former Fly Fm host on Hello Mentor with Derek Toh

Hello Mentor EP20 | Fitness Entrepreneur Maggy Wang on How She Fell Head Over Heels For Hosting

“I’ve always wanted to be an actress, but somehow along the way I discovered hosting and fell in love with it.” 

About the episode

In this episode of Hello Mentor, Maggy talks about her journey as a radio host on FlyFM for 7 years. She also shares pointers for young people set on building a career as a radio presenter.

Besides that, she shares the things that drive her to do well in life and what she does to cope with hardships.

Since founding Motion Lab with her partner, she lets couples know what to expect when starting a business with their significant other.

Getting to know Maggy Wang

Maggy Wang on Hello Mentor with Derek

Maggy Wang (@themaggywang on Instagram) is a former radio personality on FlyFM and TV host-turned-fitness entrepreneur. She has since co-founded Motion Lab in 2019, a fitness studio focusing on small group classes and personal training.

She also hosts her very own podcast called Head Over Heels launched in early 2020 (available on Spotify, Apple Podcast & Youtube).

Maggy has hosted for an array of major international brands from the likes of Adidas, Coach, Longchamp, Uniqlo, Versace, Pandora, and Mercedes Benz.

With more than 7 years of experience in radio, television, digital platforms, and live events, Maggy’s hosting career is just getting started.

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