You’re 1 resume away from finding a #BetterBoss

Would you rather stay stuck in a dead-end job for another year or spend just 10 minutes updating your resume?

Look, everyone’s pining for better things – a better job, a better pay, even a better boss (we don’t blame you).

You probably are too, the only question is are you doing anything about it?

Here are 3 reasons people keep their resumes up-to-date (even though they say they love their jobs):

  1. They take credit for their achievements before others beat them to it. #doneclaim
  2. Some people say a career is like an open relationship, so they keep their resumes attractive to recruiters in case of new opportunities… unlike some people.
  3. If you ever lose your job, you’ll at least be ready to bounce back and look for a new one.

And if those reasons aren’t enough to convince you, uploading your updated resume on Hiredly could even win you an iPad or AirPods.

All you need to do is update that resume for a chance to win.

If you upload a Video Cover Letter to your Hiredly account during this time, you will be able to get an additional entry too.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, upload your Resume today!

The full Terms and Conditions of the giveaway can be viewed here.