7 Great Signs That A Company Has Awesome Work Culture

When workdays fill a large part of our lives, working for a company with a bad work culture isn’t worth the trouble.

Especially when many companies offer a positive work environment for you to thrive.

Here are 7 signs that tell you they have great company culture (beyond having a pool table):

1. The company has clear goals and values

Companies with great cultures are clear about their mission and values and communicate them to all employees.

Usually, employees know these values by heart and all strive toward the same goal.

Leaders at the company will also make sure they practice these values and make decisions that serve the team’s main mission.

2. They have long-term employees

Want to know a clear sign the company’s a great place to work at?

See if they have many employees that stayed with the company for long. This is usually a great indicator of a low turnover rate.

It’s an easy way to tell if the employees enjoy working at the company and want to grow their careers there.

3. They practice transparency and open communication

A company with transparent communication keeps its employees in the loop when it comes to key actions and decisions.

This way, everyone is aware and is involved in where the company is headed and

4. They hire a diverse team and provide equal opportunities

A sign of good company culture is seeing if its employees come from different backgrounds. A company that promotes equality do not let identities (ethnicity, gender or sexuality) influence opportunities.

Besides that, diversity should also go beyond these identities. A great workplace should embrace diversity in approaches and ideas too.

5. They celebrate achievements

Celebrating achievements no matter how small does wonders for company morale. We doubt anyone likes working where their efforts aren’t recognized!

A great organization will acknowledge its employees’ wins to not only show appreciation but encourage others to excel as well.

These recognitions could come in the form of praise, an in-office celebration, an extra day off, or even a raise!

6. They welcome new ideas and opinions

One of the best ways to make employees feel seen and heard is to provide a space where ideas are embraced and considered.

A sign of a positive work environment is when employees feel comfortable voicing their opinions.

A culture that embraces new thoughts and ideas encourages innovation that helps propel the company forward.

7. There is no room for office politics

We’ve all heard of horror stories about workplaces with toxic office politics (or unfortunately experienced them ourselves).

A positive workplace fosters healthy relationships amongst colleagues. That means gossiping isn’t tolerated and people look out for each other.

Pay close attention to how company members talk to and about each other. Are they positive? And if they are giving criticism, is it constructive or mean-spirited?

Before applying for jobs, make sure you do thorough research on the employers so you know what you’re getting into.

At Hiredly, we encourage employers to put up as much information on their culture on their company profiles.

This is so job seekers like you can make more informed decisions and find a company with a culture that matches you!

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