7 Exciting Malaysian Startups You’ll Want To Be Part Of

Awe-inspiring, innovative and most times, out of the box, working at startups can be pivotal for people’s careers. Ready to experience important company milestones, progressive work cultures and career growth? Join these exciting startups on Hiredly!

1. HealthMetrics


Working on optimizing healthcare costs for all, they understand the importance of work-life balance. In fact, they’re transitioning to become a fully remote working company. From personalized training to ongoing webinars, you’ll be a pro at implementing advanced reward strategies in no time. Join the award-winning dream team today!

Company benefits:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Learning subsidy
  • Remote working

Join HealthMetrics

2. Walk Production

Art and Design

The best work comes from focusing on what matters – you. They thrive on crafting memorable experiences and innovative solutions that drive business success and brand transformation. Having worked with big names like foodpanda & Legoland, strengthen your portfolio with the friendly team behind this full-service branding agency! 

Company benefits:

  • Work with exciting companies
  • Great remuneration package
  • Diverse & friendly team

Join Walk Production

3. Newswav


What started out as a simple and user-friendly news platform became Malaysia’s #1 content aggregator in real-time news delivery! Passionate about covering the daily news and crafting engaging content that will guide you back to your storytelling roots? Be part of their journey to becoming the best content platform across Southeast Asia.

Company benefits:

  • Easy access to eateries
  • Well-stocked pantry
  • Extra birthday leave

Join Newswav

4. Verdant Solar

Renewable Energy

This residential-focused solar company is on a mission to make the world a greener and better place to stay. Committed to providing clients with outstanding solar solutions, learn how to deliver revolutionary ideas collectively. Keeping things simple is what matters as you know what they say, “the simpler it is, the better”. Want to be part of that change? Join Verdant Solar today!

Company benefits:

  • Collaborative team culture
  • Self-improvement fund
  • Career advancement

Join Verdant Solar

5. Hello Joy / Rectifive R5

Media and Marketing

Whether it’s creative design or brand positioning, their work keeps them inspired. The team prides itself on its wide range of thoughtfully curated gifts for all occasions. Here’s your chance to participate in the ideation process and implement strategies that enhance your content creation journey. Scratch that itch to create with Hello Joy & Rectifive R5!

Company benefits:

  • Complimentary meals
  • Career advancement
  • Well-being benefits

Join Hello Joy / Rectifive R5

6. Runningmen Catering


More than just simple celebrations – their work involves raising the bar on lunches at work! They believe in elevating your everyday meals with simple and cost-effective bento lunches packed with nutrients. If you’re looking for training, guidance & career growth, this company is your cup of tea.

Company benefits:

  • Clear path for promotions
  • 1-to-1 training provided
  • Flexible working hours

Join Runningmen Catering

7. Superdough


Join the team behind Breakout and Hauntu – Malaysia’s first fully immersive haunted experience launched in 2018, to be part of a passionate team of youngsters pushing the boundaries of novel entertainment. Think you have what it takes to convert a great idea into reality? Take the first leap and build upon your experience in the industry!

Company benefits:

  • Weekly Friday celebrations
  • Bonuses & increments
  • Transport allowances

Join Superdough

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