The 4 Stages of Career Growth and How to Make the Best Out of Each One

Whether you’re a fresh graduate at your first job or someone with significant experience, find out how to make the most out of each stage in your career so you can advance to the next one.

  • Stage 1: The Follower
  • Stage 2: The Mind Reader
  • Stage 3: The Problem Solver
  • Stage 4: The Leader

Stage 1: The Follower

This stage is where juniors and fresh graduates begin their careers at. The key to performing well at this level is to prove how well you follow through with orders.

Stage 2: The Mind Reader

Being a Mind Reader at this level in your career means thinking like your boss or supervisors. Take initiative and prove your competency so you’ll be the next in line to be promoted!

So, where are you on your career journey?


Having a personal brand is no longer reserved for the likes of celebrities and CEOs. Honing a distinct personal brand that shows off your strengths can be the key to even faster career advancement.

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