WOBB is rebranding to Hiredly

It’s been six years since WOBB started helping job seekers like you find companies that not only provide amazing career opportunities but also a great working experience.

Our team has been receiving your suggestions and feedback about how we could improve your experience. In order to achieve this goal, we would like to announce that on 1st July 2021, WOBB will be rebranding to Hiredly.

Here’s why, and how this will help you find jobs easier.

WOBB is actually short for  “Working On Bean Bags”. As a small start-up, we thought it was a cute but funny name that reflected our goal of helping people discover jobs with great culture. It still remains as one of our key goals but we saw a problem.

Most people associate our platform with fresh or very junior-level jobs. However, as you matured and grew, we also adapted and started providing jobs you could apply to even as your career progressed.

Hence, we needed a better brand to represent that and take the opportunity to also implement the changes that you recommended.

Hiredly is a full-fledged job discovery platform that aims to help you make the right move at any point in your career. Secure a job at your ideal workplace with exclusive insights and tools available only on our platform.

Our in-house headhunting team, Hiredly X can also match you to your next opportunity at the drop of a CV.

  1. A new and improved job seeker website that’s fast, easy to navigate, and filled with exclusive content to give you a seamless job searching experience.
  2. If you’re too busy to manually apply to jobs, drop us your CV and our headhunting team, Hiredly X will match you with your next career opportunity.
  3. You will get a more personalised job search experience with the recent upgrades and improvements to our features and algorithm.

Your account and applications will still remain. Starting 1 July 2021, wobbjobs.com will be redirected to hiredly.com So there’s nothing that needs to be done on your end. It will just be better, faster and more effective.

Our team has been working very hard on this project and we’re excited for you to discover a better and easier job searching experience. No matter which point of your career you’re in, Hiredly makes job searching easy and fast.


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