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Employer Branding in Malaysia: What It Is and How to Identify Yours

Why is it so difficult for my company to hire the right talent?

The best employers receive almost 2x the number of job applications compared to other organisations. Subsequently, when they recruit, they can choose from a larger pool of talent, allowing them to choose the best applicants.

Without a clear direction and company identity portrayed to candidates, the hiring process of a company will eventually be lengthened. The fact that employers themselves do not know what they are looking for in a candidate attributes to this problem.

Quality talents have the option and power to decide on where they would want to work. Essentially, when you try to hire talents like these, you would need to be exceptionally clear on the things that your company is able to offer.

Choosing the right talent is fundamental to a business’ success. Thus, employers must have a strategy that helps them concentrate on the things that attract potential applicants to their company.

As such, this is where employer branding comes in.

What is employer branding?

To put it simply, employer branding is how a company positions itself to attract talents. The fundamental question employers should be asking is, “why would a jobseeker want to work in my company?”

Different companies are built differently. With that being said, different companies would then also have different employer branding strategies  – whether it is the nature of the business, the values of the company or the leadership style.

There is more to employer branding than just high salary and extravagant benefits.

And there is a way to position yourself that certain jobseekers find it attractive to work in your company. But if you are unclear on how you position yourself, that is a wasted opportunity.

Ultimately, every company does have a brand, you just need to be certain on what it is.

Upon realising the issues employers face in the course of hiring relevant candidates , WOBB‘s Founder and CEO, Derek, together with WOBB’s Sales Operations Manager, Yee Lyn, decided to conduct a research to help employers discover the pillars that best represent their company’s values and culture.

And so, here we are!

Bringing to you the 7 Pillars of Employer Branding – the qualities that define your employer brand priorities. 

The 7 Pillars of Employer Branding

What does the 7 pillars mean?

The 7 Pillars of Employer Branding is a combination of what actually happens within your company (company culture) and the kind of impression you want to build for jobseekers to perceive your company as (employer branding). 

Find a pillar relevant to your company. In fact, you might even find more!

Pillar 1: Prestige

Prestige speaks about how reputable it is to work for a company in terms of the status, leadership, confidence and stability.

Prestigious companies are often referred to as the “Big Players” or international market leaders that hold global leadership across countries.

Your company is one of the best to work for because of its highly reputable brand and the well-recognised products and services that it offers.

Pillar 2: Entrepreneurism

Entrepreneurism talks about the dynamics of the work environment.

An environment that embraces creative thinking and encourages new ideas.

People in such environment every so often enjoy experimenting and discovering new things. They also have the belief that good ideas and insights exist outside the business’ boundaries.

Entrepreneurism culture promotes innovation within the organisation. This means that constructive opinions are voiced out to improve the company. On the other hand, ideas that do not work are not penalised.

Pillar 3: Altruism

The purpose of the company is to go beyond making revenue, it’s about serving others in their best interest.

It is the organisation’s mission to improve the environmental and community’s wellbeing.

Being altruistic means you are shifting your attention from taking to giving – helping the society or community to become a better place.

Pillar 4: Progressive Culture

A state of being self-expressive and different from the others.

Progressive culture often takes place in companies with unique perks as well as benefits, and usually result in a happy working environment.

Emphasising on progressive culture means that your employees require less supervision and they often come up with ideas for work on their own.

Besides, their happiness is associated with the culture within and the perks provided by the company. In which a huge part stems from the ability to work autonomously.

Pillar 5: Career Growth

Career growth reflects closely to the career progression within the company.

It is a merit-based environment where career progression is based on employee’s performance instead of seniority or age.

Employees are confident that if they perform well, they are given the opportunity to grow within the company.

Pillar 6: Social Connection

This pillar refers to the company’s integration with the local community and the relationship built within the people of the organisation.

Employees emphasise on the value of collaboration and the belief that “we are in this together” with the intention of promoting positive relationships in the workplace.

On top of that, the company strongly believes that having a strong social connection means having a strong sense of togetherness.

Pillar 7: Wealth

Monetary rewards as a way to value the employees.

These companies give high rewards to motivate employees to work hard and try their best to achieve the goals set out by the business.

Your company also rewards top performers with bonuses and recognition programs on top of top of their basic salary.


To emphasise again, there is a high possibility that companies relate to more than one of the aforementioned pillars, and that is A-Okay.

This is not an objective test, there are no right or wrong selections. Your company’s employer branding should always correspond to its true identity, culture and environment.

In the end, different people are attracted to different work qualities. Just make sure that you choose a pillar – or multiple pillars – that you think would best represent your company.

If you need help to discover your company’s employer brand, fret not, we have a team that specialises in this area. Just drop us an email to talk to one of our consultants! 

Left: Derek Toh, Founder & CEO of WOBB ; Right: Yee Lyn, Sales Operations Manager at WOBB

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